Frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions



Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in Perrine's coaching sessions or online courses?

What sets Perrine's coaching and online training apart from other offerings?

How can I get started with Perrine's coaching, online training, conferences, or consulting services?

How do I stay updated with Perrine's latest projects and offerings?

Are there community or networking opportunities available through Perrine's platforms?

What makes Perrine's approach to permaculture and regenerative practices unique?


Coaching Sessions

What can I expect from Perrine's coaching sessions?

How can I book a coaching session program with Perrine, and what are the rates?

What is a coaching program made of and what is the duration?

What is the typical duration of a live coaching session?

Can I receive coaching if I am new to permaculture?


Online Training

What topics are covered in Perrine's online courses?

Are the online courses self-paced or scheduled at specific times?

Do I need any prior experience to enroll in the online training programs?

Are there any interactive elements in the online training, such as group discussions or Q&A sessions?



What types of consulting services does Perrine offer?

How can Perrine's consulting services benefit my organization?

Are the consulting services tailored to specific industry sectors?



How can I find out about upcoming conferences featuring Perrine?

What can I gain from attending one of Perrine's conferences?

Can I hire Perrine for a conference?

Can I hire Perrine for a conference?

Can I hire Perrine for a conference?

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